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The MobileWeb WebSMS product is a SaaS (Software as a Service) application which allows to send, receive SMS messages and track the results via any device connected to the internet.


Setup & Receive SMS

  • Send an SMS in real time to one or more contacts.
  • Schedule the time to send an SMS in the future.
  • Create and manage unlimited number of contact lists.
  • Track in real time the delivery to the operator and to the handset.
  • Receive replies to your messages in your SMS Inbox.
  • Organize SMS messages in folders.
  • Order extra credits online.


  • Multipart: Send an SMS with more than 160 characters.
  • Upload: Add large lists of contacts from an xls or csv file within seconds.
  • Personalise: Send SMS messages with the firstname, lastname, etc. of your contacts.
  • Statistics: Analyze the number of SMS sent / received / delivered in a given period.
  • Dump: Receive at a predefined time a file with your sent / received SMS messages.

Test Account - Get 3 free SMS messages

Test our Web SMS product by filling your mail address below and you will receive a free sms test account with 3 free SMS text messages.

Example Applications

  • Promote your offers with a timely and personnal message.
  • Inform your clients that a product is ready for pickup.
  • Remind your clients of an important appointment.

Other Connectivity Services

  • Bulk SMS: send large volume of SMS messages worldwide.
  • Premium SMS: Organize interactive SMS services with Premium SMS.
  • HTTP Gateway: Send and receive SMS messages via http requests.
  • FTP Gateway: Send and receive big batch of SMS messages via an FTP connection
  • Mail-To-SMS: Send SMS messages with your existing e-mail application.
  • SMS-To-Mail: Receive SMS messages with your existing e-mail application.
  • WebSMS: Send, receive SMS messages and track the results via any device connected to the internet.

More Info

Would you like to receive more information about our Products? Would you like us to deliver a custom made SMS application (eg. data query by SMS, automatic transmission of SMS alerts to contacts, SMS competitions,...)?


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