Shortcode numberplan for SMS services

When deciding upon a SMS shortcode number to use for a new SMS service, you must follow the decision tree below.

Shortcode numberplan - click to enlarge

Shortcode range Tariff Kind of service
95xx-99xx MO max. € 0,15 MT max. € 2,00 Subscription services: entertainment (games, logo, ringtones) NO adult
90xx-94xx MO max. € 0,15 MT max. € 2,00 Subscription services: other than entertainment. NO adult
8xxx MO+MT € 0,00 Free services (end user tariff € 0,00)
7xxx MO+MT max. € 4,00 Adult services (no subscription)
61xx MO+MT max. € 2,00 TV Games (RD 10/10/05)
6xxx MO+MT € 0,50 - € 2,00 Entertainment services (games, logo, ringtones)
5xxx MO+MT max. € 0,50 Entertainment services (games, logo, ringtones)
4xxx MO+MT max. € 31,00 Mobile payments
3xxx MO+MT € 1,00 - € 4,00 Other mobile services
2/3xxx MO+MT max. € 1,00 Other mobile services


  • 'Free' subscriptions to premium service is considered as a subscription.
  • Subscription to free services is considered as a 'free' service.
  • SMS-MT free of charge for the end-user (bulk) is considered as a 'free' service.
  • All other elements are split on maximum price.
  • Mobile payment is restricted to 4xxx.