Advantages of using SMS communication

6 Good reasons why SMS will upgrade your communication processes

  1. Cost effective
    Contacting your clients by phone or by post costs a lot of time and money. Interacting with them via SMS lowers the total communication cost significantly.
  2. Fast
    SMS is sent in real time and is read immediately. This is perfect to communicate urgent and important information (appointments, crisis alerts, delivery info,…)
  3. High Impact
    98% of all SMS messages are opened and read. For e-mails this is less than 40%.
  4. Large reach
    102% of the Belgian population has a mobile phone (which means a lot of people even have two!). No other communication device is so widespread.
  5. Personal
    People regard their mobile phone as a very personal device. Contacting your customer by SMS will be considered a personal service.
  6. Interactive
    Your customers have the option to send you an immediate reply or respond with feedback. SMS is the most suitable direct response medium. offers a more effective way to reach your customers than your classic online and offline communication channels.
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Case Studies of SMS Applications

The following clients have optimized their business communication processes with SMS applications. Click the logo for more information.

Case study - D'Ieteren


new dealer appointments per month via SMS dealer locator.
case study - Randstad


use of SMS as a communication channel for urgent vacancies.
Case study - Carglass


better use of capacity through pro-active SMS alerts.
Case study - Heytens


productivity gain in order handling.

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